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Nate  Blanco

Nate Blanco

Director of Client Services

Nathaniel Blanco is the Director of Client Services at Cypress Capital. With a strong commitment to excellence, he diligently serves the company's clientele and ensures their operational service needs are met effectively.  Additionally, his dedication to expanding his knowledge and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Originally hailing from Miami, Florida, Nathaniel Blanco relocated to Tallahassee in 2021 to pursue his higher education at Florida State University. In the Spring of 2023, he successfully completed his Bachelor of Science in Criminology, which equipped him with a solid foundation in analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nathaniel finds great joy in sports, both as a spectator and active participant. Whether watching games or engaging in outdoor activities, he embraces the physical and mental challenges that sports and nature provide. This passion for an active lifestyle not only helps him maintain a healthy work-life balance but also cultivates resilience and determination, qualities he carries into his professional endeavors.

Nathaniel Blanco's combined academic achievements, commitment to ongoing education, and diverse interests make him a valuable asset to Cypress Capital and a valued team member. With his expertise, dedication, and well-rounded approach, he continues to excel in his role and make a positive impact on the well-being of those he serves.