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Our Process

A solid financial plan is built on more than crunched numbers and future projections. It is built on a relationship. Without the foundation of a trusted advisor-advisee relationship, even the most well-structured plans will eventually fail. At Cypress Capital, we encourage relationship growth between ourselves and our clients throughout the planning process.

Financial planning is both complex and personal. During this process, our goal is to pull all aspects of your financial life together, to help you make sense and maximize your money.

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioners, we follow the traditional financial planning process.

  1. Establish and define the client-planner relationship
  2. Gather data and discuss future goals
  3. Analyze and evaluate the client’s current financial status
  4. Develop and present recommendations
  5. Implement the approved recommendations
  6. Monitor the recommendations

Every step of our process is designed to help you pursue your defined future goals and objectives. After the plan is in place, we consistently monitor it and make changes if and when they become necessary.

*All investing involves risk, including loss of principal.